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Study Assist brings forth independent advice and support to every individual candidate who is looking forward to applying to UK universities.

Who We Are?

Based in Pakistan Study Assist has emerged into a truly Service Company, offering opportunities to students from Pakistan to study and train at a variety of prestigious institutions across the globe.

Being in operation for over 8 years, we have helped hundreds of students in applying for courses abroad and have placed many of them in different educational institutions by counseling with integrity, honesty, and empathy. The placement is done for different courses including undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, and vocational courses.

Our advisors are furnished and trained by trusted university partners and are always ready to guide you through each step of the application process to any UK University or College.

Whether inspired by a family member, a friend or simply the desire to explore and get out into the world, studying abroad is the first step for an ambitious young candidate who wants to get ahead in life. For young students from Pakistan, studying in the UK offers valuable international experience, broadening their horizons and offering the chance to gain a competitive advantage in the job market, while meeting people from all social classes.

The UK is high on international students’ list of destinations due to its history, global language, and reputation for high quality and competitively priced degrees. UK universities welcome overseas students and are particularly keen to increase the diversity of their student bodies.

The process of applying to UK universities can, however, be a daunting and complex bridge for students to cross: Who can I trust for objective advice about what to include in my application? How do I pick the right university for me? Is my level of English good enough?

There are real issues of trust, access, and understanding at a major decision point for a young adult. Good advice and support can make all the difference between a good choice and a bad one. Between a successful and rewarding experience and a poor one.

Study Assist believes international students should have access to trusted, expert advice about UK universities and courses. To be supported by professional and experienced advisers throughout their whole journey: from the first tentative inquiries, through the application process, and right up to their arrival in the UK and throughout their life at university!


Our mission is to offer courses best suited to the individual student’s needs and dream.


The objective and role of the organization is to work as a bridge between the students and International Educational Institutions and to provide them a formal and authorized link.

Our Believe

We believe that every student has the potential to excel and we are committed to help each student to his or her fullest potential.